Gold, silver, platinum, palladium...

  • Experience the fascination of precious metals!

Wether in coin or bar form, SINCONA TRADING AG has the right one for you.

Purchase and sale of gold and other precious metals in Zurich

Precious metals trading - a service of SINCONA TRADING AG

As a sister company of SINCONA AG, precious metals and precious metals trading runs in our veins. We can help you, simply and discreetly, to buy or sell gold and other precious metals. Our focus is on medium to large quantity trading of gold coins and bullion.

Would you like buy coins or bars of gold, silver, platinum or palladium?

SINCONA TRADING AG will assist and offer you all popular investment products in coin or bar form, in the quantities desired, and under extremely attractive conditions. In particular, our offering includes Swiss gold coins (Vreneli, Helvetia), but also foreign gold coins like Krugerrands, Maple Leaf, American Eagle, etc. (so-called. bullion coins), as well as bullion in the usual weights.

Or would you rather sell gold, silver or other precious metals?

If so, we remain at your disposal with a fair offer. All prices are based on the current price for the fine weight of the corresponding precious metal. Do not hesitate to request a non-binding offer.