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Find answers to the most important questions regarding our auctions.

Important information about our auctions

Frequently asked questions


How can you reach us?
Answer: We are available by phone or in writing. Our contact information can be found to the right.

Why should I choose SINCONA over other options?
Answer: Our expertise, high-quality catalogues, international customers, and the auction site in Zurich guarantee the successful and lucrative selling of your numismatic items. We shall be glad to personally tell you about the benefits of our offering. We look forward to your message.

Catalogue submission

Should I ask for the printed auction catalogue or rather review it online?
Answer: This is entirely up to you. Both options are available.

When do you send the printed auction catalogue?
Answer: In general, catalogues are submitted globally at least four weeks prior to the auction date, so that all customers receive them with ample notice. In our experience, however, delivery to certain countries may take slightly longer than others.

Who should I contact to receive auction catalogues?
Answer: Feel free to call us or send us a message, and we will send you the catalogue as soon as possible.

Participating in the auction

What is the auction fee?
Answer: The buyer's premium is 20% (or 22.5% for lots that are subject to the margin taxation scheme)

Is successful bidding subject to any tax?
Answer: The Swiss 7.7% VAT applies to all auction items except for state-embossed gold coins.

When delivered in Switzerland, specially marked lots are subject to the margin taxation scheme in accordance with Art. 24a of the Federal Act on Value Added Tax. The buyer's premiumfor these lots is 22.5% and includes Swiss value added tax.

Swiss VAT does not apply to items you carry abroad or that we ship to you. However, certain customs duties and taxes may be due upon import. Please refer to your country customs for further information.

Where can I find the terms and conditions applicable to each auction?
Answer: Conditions of sale are available as PDF as well as in the introduction to the printed catalogue or in the information area of the online catalogue. Feel free to contact us should you encounter any issues in this respect.

Can I place my bids before the auction?
Answer: Indeed. Before the auction, you can submit your bids in writing (via letter, fax or e-mail), or via an auction platform such as or We shall receive an email confirmation of your bid provided we have your e-mail address.

I would like to participate in the auction. What should I bear in mind?
Answer: We shall be very pleased to welcome you personally at Limmatquai 112, 8001 Zurich. Please allow enough time to register and pick up the bidding number in the reception area.

Does SINCONA offer Internet auctions (so-called live bidding)?
Answer: All our auctions are held as Internet auctions. In other words, you can participate in the auction from anywhere in the world in real time, and match the award price of the floor bidders. Access to live systems can be found in each auction. The additional fee for successful live bidding is 2%.

Post-auction procedures

When will I receive an invoice?
Answer: We shall invoice you shortly after closing the auction. You invoice will be submitted either by e-mail if we have your address, or mail.

What payment forms are accepted?
Answer: We accept cash, bank transfers and payments through PayPal.

How will I receive the items acquired?
Answer: You may either pick up the items acquired at our premises, or ask us to ship them via post or courier. Please let us know what your preferred option would be upon bidding.

How much are the shipping costs?
Answer: Shipping costs are destination-specific. In all case, however, we shall pass on Swiss Post's shipping charges. Needless to say, we strive to optimise deliveries to minimise cost. For example, smaller lots can be send as registered letters instead of packets.

I live abroad. Do I need to bear any customs charges for shipment?
Answer: Import into the destination country may be subject to customs fee and taxes. Please refer to your country customs for further information. As senders, however, we have no influence whatsoever on the collection of any charges.

I live in the EU. Can the import process be simplified?
Answer: SINCONA Deutschland GmbH, located in Germany, will take care of your acquired goods if you're a private customer. SINCONA Deutschland GmbH deals with the import and customs clearance of goods into the EU and delivers them intra-community exempt from import and customs costs. Should you not want to take advantage of this service or should you prefer to pick up the purchases in Zurich, please let us know so in good time.

I believe one of the auction item is counterfeit. What should I proceed?
Answer: As a member of the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN), and the Association of Swiss Professional (VSBN), we guarantee the authenticity of auctioned items, and take back immediately any demonstrably counterfeit goods.