Dr. Ruedi Kunzmann

  • German

Telephone: +41 44 215 10 92

E-Mail: ruedi.kunzmann@sincona.com

Specialist in Swiss Coins and World Paper Money

It is impossible to imagine a Swiss auction house without a dedicated specialist in the field of Swiss numismatics. In addition to Jürg Richter, SINCONA AG has a second expert, Ruedi Kunzmann, who has seen almost everything that has been minted on Swiss soil.

He has been involved in numismatics for over 50 years and has been observing the local auction scene for just as long. He is the author of many expert and also "popular" numismatic articles. Among his numismatic specialties are Swiss cantonal coins, contemporary imitations and banknotes from all over the world. Ask him and you will get the answers with great competence and friendliness.